Efficiency, Integrity & Perseverance

Why the owl? Owls are fierce and wise. Are you? Would you like to be?

That which we need most will be found where we least want to look.

~Carl Jung

Meet the Coach

I'm an author, speaker and coach with over 15 years combined experience in sales and industry recruiting. Innately curious, I instinctively identify and can help eliminate unnecessary challenges in the hiring process, including costly bad hires and delays. I help leaders make lasting hires with confidence, and I also love helping star candidates present as their most authentic selves throughout the interview process to win the job. 

My personal background ... for decades I struggled with anxiety and depression, carrying a stubborn emptiness despite my career progression and goal attainment. Through relentless efforts and persistent investment in my self-development, I eventually overcame these afflictions. My biggest achievement is that I now feel happy mostly every single day.  

My career coaching approach is a combination of the key success habits I taught myself in elevating my state of mind and self-esteem, along with the natural process I embrace and employ to achieve with relative ease. I believe everyone has a unique and special gift that is their responsibility to pursue and ultimately give. In doing so, fulfillment is inevitable. Each of us can achieve and receive what we set our mind to, provided we are focused in the right direction. When we are, the process feels like a positive challenge, rather than a frustrating struggle. I like helping others get there faster. 

Offering: Career Coaching, Interview Coaching, Hiring Process Consulting and Motivational Lectures & Workshops. 

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Career Coaching

Identify & overcome challenges.

Discern your direction.

Make traction toward your goals.

Hiring Process Consulting

Heed your intuition & elevate your confidence.

Streamline your process & Eliminate bad hires.

Interview Coaching


Attract ideal opportunities.

Be authentic.

Win the job.



Virtual Courses & Master Classes

Attract the Opportunity -Win the Interview Minicourse

(Now Available!)

Are you struggling in the interview process, either not moving forward to next steps, or making it to final rounds and then losing out to another candidate?

Dive into this course and arm yourself with tools to best prepare for each step in the interview process, set yourself apart and show up as your authentic self. Added bonus, draw the right opportunities toward you and overcome fear in the possibility of new outcomes.

Overcome & Achieve Accelerator

Career Coaching, Goal Attainment & Mindset Elevation

Whether you're feeling uncertain of your next direction, stuck in your career or running into roadblocks getting started in your new venture, this accelerated program will help you get where you want to go faster. Is it GoTime?

  • Identify & pursue your next career steps.
  • Overcome blockages holding you back.
  • Elevate your mindset & take action.
Coming Soon!
Heed your Intuition, Hone your Hiring Process Minicourse

Bad hires are costly and can impact not only your time management, but also your confidence as a leader. In this minicourse you will learn simple yet effective strategies to save you time and unnecessary stress in your hiring process as you make more of the right hires with confidence.

  • Identify Challenges in your Hiring Process.
  • Solidify your "Want" and your "Why" in your Candidate Profile.
  • Practice Effective Communication with your Recruiter & Candidates.
  • Hire with Confidence & Decrease Turnover.
Coming Soon!

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