Where's My Mustard? How to Let Go, Attract and Achieve

A Quest to Self-Empowerment


Fear is an emotion based on ‚ÄúWhat if?‚ÄĚ Still, it prevents many of us from reaching our true potential. While everyone‚Äôs challenges and goals are unique, the steps to overcoming and achieving are the same.

In Where’s my Mustard? author and Success & Leadership coach, Amy Miller, shows you how to overcome and achieve faster using methods that attract abundance and fulfillment. She shares the experiences that contributed to decades of looming depression and debilitating anxiety, and how she overcame these afflictions.

Where’s My Mustard? teaches you:


  • How to employ your instincts and avoid mistakes.
  • How to adopt the success mindset and fulfill your purpose.
  • How to view your problems as tools and turn frustration into focus.
  • How to overcome anxiety and depression and realize true connection and true place.
  • Actionable steps to elevate your state of mind and succeed faster.


Are you ready to Let go, Attract and Achieve? Walk the journey in Where’s My Mustard? and
come away equipped with your greatest superpower ‚Äď self-empowerment. The answers you‚Äôre
searching for could not be closer.


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Dive into a game changer with Ready Set Recruit.

The Hiring Manager's Guide to Recruiting with Confidence

About the Book

Ready Set Recruit is a game changer for both new and experienced hiring managers.

Seasoned  recruiter and business owner, Amy Miller, shares her insider secrets in  matching top talent to industry-leading companies.

If  your hiring process needs some tweaking or is crumbling from faults in  the foundation you have yet to identify, the simple concepts in Ready Set Recruit: The Hiring Manager’s Guide to Recruiting with Confidence allow you to spend more time leading and less time overcoming hiring hurdles.

Miller’s  genuine and direct nature creates an easy and entertaining read while  sharing actionable steps to help identify problems and implement  solutions. Creating change can be instantaneous when you take the  appropriate action, and her book shows you which actions to take.


In this comprehensive guide, you will learn:


  • How to establish a solid foundation at the start of your talent search.
  • How to transform your frustration into momentum driven focus.
  • How to remove unnecessary inefficiencies by getting better organized.
  • How to craft your story about your company and role to attract the right talent.
  • The ideal interview process and questions to ask resulting in lasting quality hires.
  • How to optimize your relationship with your preferred recruiter.


Dive into Ready Set Recruit and secure your future hires with greater confidence while keeping your focus on leading.


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Attract the Opportunity Win the Interview Minicourse

Many professionals looking for that next step in their career are struggling to find the right direction and or opportunity. And when an opportunity does present, standing out from the competition while showing up as your authentic self can feel daunting, scary and often frustrating.

In this course, I'll take you through the following modules and lessons, complete with videos and notes:

Module 1: Attract the Opportunity

Lessons include ...

- Listen to Yourself

- Stay Curious & Get Excited

- Let your Intuition Lead & your Logic Follow

Module 2: Preparing for the Interview

Lessons Include ...

- Sharing your Story

- First Interview Prep

- Throughout the Process

- Setting yourself Apart

Module 3: Conduct During the Interview Process

Lessons include ...

- Self & Social Awareness

- Answering Interview Questions

- What Questions to Ask


Lessons include ...

- Overcoming Fear

- You have Value

Ready to level up your interview game and your confidence? This course is for you.

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