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Speaking Topics:
  • Fear vs. Intuition - Lead with What Lights You Up. Focus on the Frustration.
  • Raising Self & Social Awareness - Leverage Strengths & Weaknesses.
  • Heed your Intuition. Hone your Focus. Overcome & Achieve with Ease.
  • Curiosity is a Great Problem Solver - What's getting your attention and why?
  • And more! Customizable topics and interactive workshops for your group.

What Attendees are Saying ...

"An incredible speech that will help you to see your clear future steps in life."


"Very uplifting and inspiring."


"I felt very connected to the speaker. Her experience, her life events are very relatable and relevant."


"A Soul Searching experience."
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College Lectures & Interactive Workshops:

You Create Your Life: Success Habits for Career Direction and Mindset

  • Overcome fear in your career direction.
  • Self-Acceptance and awareness.
  • Elevate your state of mind. Take responsibility and take action.

Effective Communication: Your Voice is your Superpower

  • How to articulate your story. What do you want and why?
  • Finding your purpose.
  • Overcoming fear in speaking up. You matter.

The Power of your Story: Writing Personal Statements & Cover Letters

  • Elements to include in your personal statement and getting started.
  • The purpose of cover letters, what to include and getting started.
  • Combat procrastination.
  • Appreciate your strengths and align with opportunities.