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What causes a bad hire?


The top two contributing factors leading to bad hires are a rushed process and poor communication.


The good news? In mastering what you do have control over, you will avoid unnecessary hurdles and secure lasting hires faster, attracting top talent while keeping your focus on leading.
Troika Talent Acquisitions Retention Rates:
  • 24% Retained 4+ years
  • 42% + years
  • 61% 2+ years
(average retention rates sales industry 18 - 20 months)
  • Eliminate challenges.
  • Create greater efficiencies.
  • Decrease the number of bad hires. Increase company profitability.
  • Optimize your relationship with your preferred recruiter.

Troika Hiring Consulting Fundamentals


Telling your Story

Whether you're looking to establish your company culture and mission or already have it in place, the way you communicate these details are key in attracting and engaging ideal talent.


Building your Candidate Profile

Ensure your candidate profile aligns with your long-term company mission and direction before beginning your search. Back up what you want in your candidate profile with why you want it. When your Want and your Why makes sense, you have a solid foundation from which to start.


Identify & Solve Challenges

Two of the biggest contributing factors leading to bad hires are a rushed process and poor communication. The good news? You have control over both. When you align the ideal hiring process for your organization and improve communication throughout, you will make lasting hires and experience less stress throughout the process.  


Optimize Organization & Time Management

Eliminate unnecessary tasks and better utilize your resources to help prioritize your time in your talent search. By leveraging the strengths and "weaknesses" across your team, you will empower others and focus more time on leading.


Resume Scanning & Effective Interview Questions

Quickly identify what to look and look out for in a resume and spot indicators of future candidate performance and conduct. Save time by getting curious and asking the questions that help you learn what you really want to know.


Creating the Ideal Interview Process & Addressing Red Flags

What's working and not working in your current hiring process? Or are you looking to build out the process for your first expansion? Together we will establish and document the ideal interview process, including who is involved from your company, team and or division. We will implement effective interview steps and how to address candidate red flags.


Optimizing your Recruiter Relationship

What motivates a good recruiter and why? And why does this matter to you? Learn how to select a good recruiter, how to optimize your partnership and ultimately get them working harder for you.  

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What are Bad Hires Costing your Organization?

Think the cost of a bad hire is around 30% of the employee's first year earnings? Think again.

Turnover could be costing your organization much more in opportunity costs, not to mention the time it takes to recover.


Taking Time Creates Time in your Hiring Process

Taking a little time at the start of your talent search to establish what you want in your candidate profile and why, will later save you time from having to go back to the drawing board.

Taking time to communicate with your recruiter at the start and throughout the process will keep them engaged and searching in the right direction, saving you time as you will get more qualified candidates and faster.


Improving Communication with your Recruiter & Candidates

Ineffective communication results in challenges and delays in many areas, including in your hiring process.

Why? First starters we don't often say what it is we really mean. Sometimes we haven't first taken time to consider what it is we truly want - including in your candidate profile.

Taking time to identify what you want and then communicate it effectively, gets results and faster.


Focus on the Frustration

What's bugging you in your interview and hiring process? When you identify the problem, the solution will find you.

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