The Overcome & Achieve Accelerator Coaching Program


Coaching Concepts & Lessons

  • Fear vs. Intuition - Identify and Overcome Fear. Lead with your Intuition.
  • Identify & Prioritize what is meaningful. Trust your instincts to hone your Focus.
  • Focus on your Frustration. Let your emotions guide your direction.
  • Identify your Drivers. To discover your first step, you must be pointed in the right direction.
  • Uncover & Overcome what's Blocking You. Identify the problem and the solution will find you.
  • Be 1000% Yourself and level up your confidence.
  • Let Go of Attachment to Outcome and get unstuck in your career.
  • Elevate your State of Mind. An elevated state does not come back down.
  • Take Responsibility. Make your Impact. The world needs your gifts.
  • And more ...
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What Drives You?

How do you like to feel and what do you like to be doing when you feel like your most authentic self?

By acknowledging and honoring your drivers, you are trusting your instincts, which are there to guide your direction (in life and in your career). 

Giving yourself time to engage in activities that drive you will elevate your state of mind and bring you present.

In the present moment you are open to receive and honor your ideas, which are your next steps. This is how you "create" your career path.


Let Go of Attachment to Outcome. Achieve with  Ease.

Staying focused on a certain outcome can be limiting. By focusing instead on how you want to feel when you reach your end goal rather than what that end goal looks like, you open yourself to new possibilities.

Take some pressure off. You don't need to know how and the truth is you can't know. Life doesn't work that day and neither will your career track.


Fear vs. Intuition

When you learn to identify and heed your intuition, you will go further faster along your career path.

You will likely still face challenges, but your process will feel less like a struggle and more like you are making progress.


Focus on the Frustration

Your emotions are there to guide you, including your negative emotions.

Often getting to the bottom of what's bugging you can result in a new idea or course of action, helping you find the direction that is actually meant for you.

Problems lead to solutions, sometimes even inventions or new businesses. The trick is to pay attention, and then you go further faster.